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Loving the gold…

14kgold and silver wave ring

I recently brought gold into my wave ring collection and I must say I’m really enjoying it!

This picture is a ladies wedding band made with 14k yellow gold as the base or band and I have used sterling silver for the wave which is layered on top of the 14k gold. It measures 4mm in width and 1.3 in thickness. This band at a size 6 is priced at $480.

This is available for purchase on etsy:

It has open my eyes up to so many different possibilities… white gold with a yellow gold wave, white gold with a rose gold wave, rose gold with a sterling silver wave, the possibilities are endless!

I can’t wait to see what my next ring will be and what new combinations I’ll discover.

I’ll leave you with the two wedding bands I made for a wonderful couple. The sterling silver and copper wave ring is the men’s version which is priced at $120. This is also available on etsy:

gold.silver and silver.copper set

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like a quote : )

More to come!

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Thinking of Valentine’s Day?

valentinespromoTriple Wave Ring, Sterling Silver $149

Just in case you needed some inspiration for the surfer or beach lover in your life for Valentine’s Day, here are a few  pieces that are sure make a beautiful gift! Each piece is available on Etsy, just click the photo and it will send you straight to its listing.

ringSingle Wave Ring, Sterling Silver, $42

This piece is a little reminder of the ocean, its simple, but a great statement. This ring can also be made into knuckle and the currently popular pinky rings.

double wave ringDouble Wave Ring, Sterling Silver, $120

This ring was inspired by storming seas, when the waves cover lap and crash over each other.

It is made first in two separate bands and then are soldered together to make three waves.

promo 009Triple Wave Ring, Sterling Silver, $149

This ring was inspired by the measurements of a wave: trough or base, wave length, peak or crest.

Each wave on the band is a different height and has two bands inside the wave band.

wavecollection 004His and Her Wave Rings, Sterling and Copper, $120

These are the latest addition to my wave ring collection.

“His” ring is made slightly larger at 7mm wide and 1.2mm thick. “Her” ring is made at 4mm wide and 1.2 thick.

These have been a popular item for weddings and will soon be made in sterling silver and gold!

If you have any questions or comments feel free to contact me via my blog or my email address:

Thanks for stopping by!

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