The Periwinkle Hunt

This morning I decided to go on a search for new periwinkle shells for my signature stud earrings. I’ll take you along my walk!


It was a nice walk through the trees as it was already getting hot this morning.

Once the wind picked up in the afternoon it cooled things down a bit.

          I managed to snap this one as I was coming through the path, making my way down to the beach.


The search begins! But the bugs were out in full force so it was a short visit. I have the bites to prove it : ) Here are my treasures!


And here is what they may turn into! You can find these earrings in my etsy shop: Enjoy!

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Sunset Surf

ImageOh how I love summer nights at sunset! I was blessed enough to share a surf with friends tonight, in Lawrencetown.

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thunder morning

My surf search was unsuccessful but a beautiful morning to be out walking  the shore. Thunder clouds left from early this morning.

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Welcome : )

I’ve finally decided to invite you to my place of  creativity… my online sketchbook.

This is where I will be recording my inspirations, my dreams, my adventures and how my inspiration of the sea are created into memorable jewellery pieces. 

My studio overlooks a beautiful surf break that inspires me but also distracts me! When the surf is good I take breaks in between jewellery pieces and catch up when the surf is flat. Come back and visit often as I bring you to the beach everyday.

Studio bench

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