About me

I am a Canadian Jewellery Designer who is inspired by my connection to the sea.

Since a young girl growing up in Nova Scotia I have felt refreshed whenever I was at the beach. While learning to surf while attending NSCAD University my love for surfing and the sea began to fuel my work. My seaside lifestyle continues to bring a natural inspiration to my jewellery, whether I am teaching someone how to surf, enjoying a morning snorkle or going for a stand up paddle there is beauty all around. My goal is to allow you to carry that memory of the sea with you, whether your near or far.

 I love the colours, textures and shapes that come from our beautiful Nova Scotia shores. I use handmade silver pieces with found shells from my walks on the beach, semi-precious stones and recycled neoprene used from discarded wetsuits. By using neoprene I hope to draw attention to how innovation can be a positive thing for our beautiful coastline.

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