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Christian Surfers International Conference Hawaii Nov 4-9

Dear Friends of Christian Surfers Canada,

I have decided to take a step in faith and listen to the stirrings in my heart and ask you to help me attend the Christian Surfers International Conference in Hawaii Nov 4-9 this year.

This conference will be the gathering of Christian Surfers from all over the world, challenging us to carry our love Christ to our local breaks. It will equip us with a global vision of how surfing for Jesus can change the world! A great opportunity for Christian Surfers Canada to be introduced as we become an official chapter!

It is also a great time to fellowship with surfers who are serving the Lord with their love for surfing and be encouraged by one another.

CS has organized accommodations on a local camp ground so prices will be kept at a low cost as well as food while at the conference.

Cost for the conference including airfare, food and accommodations is approx. $1550

Copy and Paste the link below to your url and thanks!

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Stormy Skies

I heard some seagulls fighting over something outside my window while I was working in the studio this morning.

I looked out and saw this! So dark and stormy but literally 2 mins. later its bright and sunny again at the beach!

I’m working on some trophies with a friend for the Quiksilver Longboarding Competition that’s coming up this Labour Day weekend.

Check it out! This fall is lookin exciting for contest and waves:

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The Periwinkle Hunt

This morning I decided to go on a search for new periwinkle shells for my signature stud earrings. I’ll take you along my walk!


It was a nice walk through the trees as it was already getting hot this morning.

Once the wind picked up in the afternoon it cooled things down a bit.

          I managed to snap this one as I was coming through the path, making my way down to the beach.


The search begins! But the bugs were out in full force so it was a short visit. I have the bites to prove it : ) Here are my treasures!


And here is what they may turn into! You can find these earrings in my etsy shop: Enjoy!

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