Loving the gold…

14kgold and silver wave ring

I recently brought gold into my wave ring collection and I must say I’m really enjoying it!

This picture is a ladies wedding band made with 14k yellow gold as the base or band and I have used sterling silver for the wave which is layered on top of the 14k gold. It measures 4mm in width and 1.3 in thickness. This band at a size 6 is priced at $480.

This is available for purchase on etsy:https://www.etsy.com/ca/listing/182745452/ladies-14k-yellow-gold-and-silver-wave?

It has open my eyes up to so many different possibilities… white gold with a yellow gold wave, white gold with a rose gold wave, rose gold with a sterling silver wave, the possibilities are endless!

I can’t wait to see what my next ring will be and what new combinations I’ll discover.

I’ll leave you with the two wedding bands I made for a wonderful couple. The sterling silver and copper wave ring is the men’s version which is priced at $120. This is also available on etsy:https://www.etsy.com/ca/listing/153717809/wave-ring-in-copper-and-sterling-silver?

gold.silver and silver.copper set

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like a quote : )


More to come!

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Thinking of Valentine’s Day?

valentinespromoTriple Wave Ring, Sterling Silver $149

Just in case you needed some inspiration for the surfer or beach lover in your life for Valentine’s Day, here are a few  pieces that are sure make a beautiful gift! Each piece is available on Etsy, just click the photo and it will send you straight to its listing.

ringSingle Wave Ring, Sterling Silver, $42

This piece is a little reminder of the ocean, its simple, but a great statement. This ring can also be made into knuckle and the currently popular pinky rings.

double wave ringDouble Wave Ring, Sterling Silver, $120

This ring was inspired by storming seas, when the waves cover lap and crash over each other.

It is made first in two separate bands and then are soldered together to make three waves.

promo 009Triple Wave Ring, Sterling Silver, $149

This ring was inspired by the measurements of a wave: trough or base, wave length, peak or crest.

Each wave on the band is a different height and has two bands inside the wave band.

wavecollection 004His and Her Wave Rings, Sterling and Copper, $120

These are the latest addition to my wave ring collection.

“His” ring is made slightly larger at 7mm wide and 1.2mm thick. “Her” ring is made at 4mm wide and 1.2 thick.

These have been a popular item for weddings and will soon be made in sterling silver and gold!

If you have any questions or comments feel free to contact me via my blog or my email address: info@bridgetturner.ca

Thanks for stopping by!

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Sunrise and Sunset Memories of 2013

It’s a new year and in celebration of 2014, I’ve decided to share with you my favorite sunrise and sunset pictures of 2013. They are all taken on Lawrencetown Beach, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Enjoy!skies2012-13 163

One of my favorites… skies2012-13 244

A cool summer morningskies2012-13 064

Sea clouds…one of our -20 degrees C morningsskies2012-13 053

Over the bluffskies2012-13 296

Red sky in the morning, sailors take warningskies2012-13 353

Warm summer morningskies2012-13 389

Fall sunsetskies2012-13 457

Calm winter nightskies2012-13 513

One of first big winter swells of 2014

Hope you enjoyed this great beauty I’m am fortunate enough to capture almost everyday : )

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Surf Memories


Happy Snowy February!

I recently decided to have a give away on my facebook site and was over welmed by the response! I asked people to write about their favorite surf memory to entered into the draw. This is what I gave away!


My latest creation is this sterling silver wave ring which went to Maya Hoehne and Johanna E. Kjesbu ( So if your reading this Johanna just message me on fb! : )  The greatest gift of all was to the hear from all of you about how you  love the ocean. It was truly inspiring. I’ve decided to share them with you again and make your winter just a little bit warmer! Enjoy : )

Moira Langton. I remember my first time board surfing (sometimes called wind surfing) and was so proud that I stayed upright, while my husband kept falling. He was a competitive person, so I was delighted that I could do something better than he, although it may really have had something to do with the fact that women have a lower center of gravity (hips) than men (shoulders).

Terry Beaulieu Davis. Living in the desert, we don’t often get the chance to visit the ocean. When we do have the opportunity, the first thing we do upon stopping the car – is to kick off the shoes, and wade. The feeling is so euphoric, and helps to keep me grounded. Now that we have grandchildren, we will be sharing the joy with them very soon.

Abigail Collins. My favorite memory is trying to surf with my best friend at one of her “spots” near Del Mar, Ca. It’s my favorite memory because although I ended up sitting on the beach with my book, we had a great morning. It taught me that although I’m friends with some one, I’m still me, and I don’t need to prove to anyone my affection/friendship for them by not being myself. I still struggle with it, but, I’m learning, creating my own path, re-inventing myself.

Julie Stull. My favorite surf memory; when my husband and I were teenagers every summer on the weekends we would drive to ocean city, Maryland. He taught me to long board and we collected jars of sand/shells each time we went, with a note inside with the date and a special memory. Now almost ten years later ( in Hawaii) we are still enjoying the ocean together and our many jars of sand. Happy New Year!

Jessie Harrold. My favourite surf memory was during Hurricane Irene. I was 7 months pregnant and desperate to go play in the waves one last time before my belly got too big to lay on my board! I went with a good friend of mine and rather than being concerned about actually standing up and riding waves, we played and played and played for hours on our boards at Martinique Beach. It reminded me what surfing was all about, and I felt like a strong and proud surf mama!

Michelle Hanway I had just moved to Hfx from the prairies.. I was 23yo and we were at Queensland (in October!) so i could dip my toes in the water. I didn’t realize the tide was coming in, and got soaked almost up to my waist.

Cheryl Bray I love the ocean, it is frightening and beautiful all at the same time. It is a healing place. It provokes thought and introspection for me. It’s where I do my thinking and it reminds me that I am alive.

Heather Bidzinski Walking with my then boyfriend (now husband) in the surf and sand for the first time after he moved out to Halifax to be with me. The ocean on the East coast will always hold special memories for us because it is where our love grew and our relationship became what it is today. We are now happily married and enjoying life with our new baby boy.

Cathy Cloud van Enckevort Growing up and spending part of each summer visiting relatives in SoCal. Our vacations always involved going to the beach. Lots of wonderful memories were formed there. I still love going to the ocean and watching the waves.

Rebekah Ann Favourite ocean memory would be skim boarding in Hawaii with my sister and trying to ride the waves in (we ultimately failed but still had such a fun time :P).

Bobbi Zahra Favourite surf memory… you would think it would be something more positive, but this one DOES make me smile! In Lunenburg a couple of years ago, frolicking in the surf… wearing my glasses, ’cause I can’t see without ’em. Rogue wave smacked me facedown on the floor of the ocean, and when I got up, glasses were askew and clip-on sunglasses were gone forever, never to be seen again. The adrenaline rush was wild!

Angela Faulkner Beautiful ring -my favorite memory would be of my summers as a child. We lived across the field from the beach and spent most of our time diving into the waves of the Northumberland Strait….Sigh for a house on the beach now.

Carrie Dobson Swimming in the waves after a storm at Holland Cove on the South Shore of PEI. The full moon tides were the best!

Sharon Vidito What a beautiful design! There is something special about walking the beach near my house on a snowy day.

Alena Bajkov I’m not crazy about water – after all I’m a water bearer – Jan 25 & my hubby thinks it’s funny when I stand in waves & the waves pull me into the water & I have a moment of panic – I usually make him hold my hand (fyi – he grew up in Halifax)

Daniel Mansell Body surfing with my poppy! She’s fearless…

Heather Day-Thorburn Every place that I have lived I’ve sought out the water, even when I lived in Toronto. To breath the air and listen to the waves there is a peacefulness and energy that always brings me back to myself.

Judy Tomlin Damn! We came home to Halifax for Christmas, as we often do, but we didn’t get down to Mahone Bay this year. The weather was so miserable, the family had flu, and our traditional trip to the South Shore didn’t happen. And now I see this great FB page. Oh well, now I know you’re here and there’s always next summer!

Kelly Gibbons I will never forget how amazing, happy and stunning my daughter looked on our family vacation to Ocean Beach, San Fransisco, CA. Her dreams of California finally realized…memories to last a life time. Your jewelry is so beautiful.

Kat Taylor walking along the beach at Palm Beach at sunset with my now husband, barefoot, seeing little sandpipers chasing the waves as they receded….running running on their little legs

Carrie Benjamin One of my favorite memories is one where I took my boys surfing for the first time. We were laughing at the crash and burns, but the best part was when my baby caught his fist wave and rode it all the way in. The smile on his face was one the most awesome things I’ve ever seen. That day is one of my most cherished memories.

Mary Mac Mahoneys Beach in Antigonish in the summer when my parents were there,,I would walk my dog a mile up the beach with my book and we would sit there,,everyonce in a while look around,,no one there,,look out to sea..he would go dip his feet in the water once in a while if it was too hot..back to my book and all is well

Emily Townsend My husband being able to change out of his wetsuit into his clothes on the roadside at Belmar Beach, NJ. by using his towel carefully. If cops see you do this, you get a ticket. I hope that beach is okay today, I know they got hit hard by Sandy.

Helena Soukup I live away from Nova Scotia now and each year that I return ‘home’ I spend hours just sitting on a rocky beach watching the surf and recharging my Nova Scotian heart.

Sacha Bremner One of my favorite moments was this summer, watching my daughter (2 at the time) running in and out of the ocean..I just sat back and watched her love for the water and ocean unfold..She will be a surfer chick in no time! (Love the ring! It is beautiful

Belinda Fireman Watching my twin daughters play in the waves for the first time!

Mary Calder MacKenzie Beautiful jewelery…My favorite moment at the ocean is seeing my 5 grandchildren playing in the surf…

Liz Martin the surf at lawrencetown beach 14 years ago was all i needed to know i wanted to live in nova scotia… took us another 9 years to get here, but we love it and will never leave. love love the ring!

Tammi Hayne My husband and I were married on Crescent Beach in Lunenburg County 10 years ago. It is also where he proposed to me. We went to a beach on our 10th anniversary and star gazed, drank a bottle of champagne and talked about our last 10 years together and wondered what the next 10 would bring for us. Seeing wave inspired jewellery always reminds me of our special connection to the beach and sea and especially when it is a ring

Janet Saunderson So now I direct this to the maker of that wave ring: The memory – My father, me, Kennebunk beach, both eager to conquer the really cold water, and perfect waves for learning to body surf. He loved the water, all water and taught me with childlike enthusiasm how to time it just right to catch the wave. Just before it breaks you can feel the undertow pushing out to sea and the wave about to break….then run, leap forward, arms straight out in front, head tucked…and…holy cow…what a rush..to shore. Bathing suit filled with sand and a huge grin. A valuable skill I have passed on to Emily and Jessie Gill!!!

Jill Manos I have so many amazing surf memories!! ummm, I guess one of my favourite is one of my first days surfing at Lawrencetown Beach, Marcelle Drake, Beth Amiro, Caralee Murphy (All on NSPs from the old Dacanes) invited me to the point to surf with them, I didn’t catch any waves, but I felt so loved that these new friends were so kind to take me under their wing! Still love you guys!! xo Shore Core!

Embrace Doula My last surfing memory was how hesitant I was now that I am a mom. I used to be so daring and this year I held back because I was worried I’d get hurt…..My goal for this summer it to tackle this by getting out more. I bought a board last year and I haven’t even taken it out yet

Shelly Despres Sullivan My first and only surf memory is definitely last summer…my first time surfing and conquering my fear of the water…it was so liberating…I felt so powerful and scared at the same time…it was amazing…can’t wait for the warmer weather!

Victoria Castle My favorite surf memory is listening to my Mom’s stories about growing up in Mission Beach and being the only girl on a board.

Kayla Skyline My favorite surf memory was the first time i ever got to see the ocean when my mom took me to Mexico, just the first time i walked down the white sand beach, the sound of the waves, the smell of the ocean, the beautiful waves, the salt that crusted on my face and turned white when it dried, i will never forget my first ocean experience and i dream everyday of getting back there and one day living there, i need to be close to the ocean to be truly happy

Marcy Johnson My favorite surf memory was finally standing up and riding my first (partial) wave after 3 hours of lessons at a surf camp on the east coast of Australia.

Jennie Eve Weeden First & only time out surfing… My waves were interrupted by dolphins & seals.No sun, dark skies & a fine cool mist.I couldn’t have been more amazed at the beauty of my cool, dark surroundings & the playfulness of the creatures at my side.  My rainy vacation was complete; I was satisfied

Barbara Connick Watching my daughter stand up for the first time on a board in the west of Ireland lahinch, brought back all the time I spent with my dad surfing :)) happy memories

Maya Hoehne Late summer 2011 here on the eastern shore. The water was amazingly warm and no one wore wetsuits for a wonderful couple of weeks!

Dan Ray Ollie’s Point, Costa Rica on Aug 23,2008. We had double overhead all to ourselves, just me and my two best friends. Surfed from 7am til 4pm when the captain of the boat made us leave and we got stuck in a crazy thunderstorm on the boat ride back and almost died.

Kem Sedick About 20 years ago I surfing near Bells Beach with my friend. It was a sweltering hot Australian summers day and the heat shimmered. Just before the sun dipped below the horizon, everything turned to molten silver. No one was moving. It lasted about a minute but it has burned a place in my memory.

Beth Perry Having lived on the Outer Banks of NC all my life I would have to say my favorite ride out was when my 13 year old daughter paddled out with me for the first time after a hurricane and watching her catch her first post-hurricane wave was a moment of shear pride!

Johanna E. Kjesbu I LOVE this ring!! I’d say my favorite surf memory was when I was a kid in Sandy Hook, NJ. It was the first time I rode in a wave without falling off and my best friend was there to witness it! Graceful it was not… but amazing didn’t begin to describe it! I don’t think I ever smiled harder in my entire life than I did at that day… I was completely HOOKED from that point forward!

Bernita Giffin My favourite surf memory is when my best friend and I were just sitting on our boards in the shallows and she shared with me that she was pregnant.

Monik Richard Johnston’s pond, piping plovers and no tourists

Jessica Corkum Surfing in a secluded area with a pod of dolphins in new Zealand.

Michelle Lee My favorite surf memory was being at the beach as a young child in Nova Scotia, and braving the cold of the Atlantic to run and allow the surf to break against me, or over me. Then running back out of the surf before the next wave could hit us, and having to lay in the hot sun to warm up a bit before tackling another 20+ years later, and still doing the same thing! haha

Sonya Hanson I have to go with Shannon on this one too, that evening at the point was unbelievable! gorgeous night with such a great vibe on the water…..there’s no place like home for my best surf memories!

Alexandra Groot Koerkamp My Favorite surf memory was at green island in Australia. All the colors in the reef, the sharks, and the perfect lefts that went forever.. so much fun, wish I was there right now.

Shannon MacPhail My favorite surf memory this year is from a surf with Lisa Myers, Sonya Hanson, Steve Maclean, at the point. Tiny glassy waves. Only 5 of us out. As the sun was going down on one side, 2 rainbows appeared down the beach. It was so incredible that we barely noticed the waves and just watched the sky magic. It’s the day I could see what love looks like

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Making and Baking!

Here is a picture of the new addition to my periwinkle rings.  ” Cup and Saucers shells” are what their called and can be found here in Nova Scotia. I thought they were so beautiful. The purples and blues are stunning and figured I just had to try to make this into jewellery! The Cup and Saucers are set into sterling silver which is soldered onto a sterling silver band.

These are now available on my Etsy shop!


While all the blustery weather from Hurricane Sandy is outside, I like to stay nice and warm inside! Making jewellery and baking my favorite Cranberry & Chocolate Chip Muffins : )

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Morning Beauty

It’s been so long since I’ve shared a little glimpse of my view! While working on my many projects the last few weeks I’ve been rising early to catch a glimpse of the sunrise. I have committed to running since in between swells it has been  pretty small and sometimes non- existent;  so I got to keep  movin!

Enjoy my gallery of sunrises and sunsets : )

Morning Fog

Have a beautiful day!

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Hurricane Leslie

Hurricane Leslie brought beautiful waves, but unfortunately for me I hurt my ribs surfing at the Longboard Competition the weekend before and had to sit this one out. So I got to enjoy the waves from inside my little loft on the beach. The evening she passed by to the south of us, I got some really amazing shots while the sun peeked through : )

One morning before we got the real swell I went down to the point and sketched a couple drawings of the water.

A little friend was waiting for me on my railing yesterday morning : )

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Pt. Michaud Sunrise Surf

It was a beautiful morning at Pt. Michaud beach, we had risen early in hopes of finding some swell. Unfortunately the waves were small, but the scenery was stunning. I made my way up the hill over looking the beach with Josie and Noah that decided like me that the surf was too small and opted to watch our friends see if they could catch anything.

The day before we had all taken part in the Pt. Michaud Surf Classic where there are so many categories that everyone can compete!

We were exhausted but ended up jumping in for a surf anyway, after all we were here and the water was warm.

On our way back to the camp site for some breakfast we found this old lighthouse, how inspiring! I think I’m going to have to start a collection of old lighthouses.

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Christian Surfers International Conference Hawaii Nov 4-9

Dear Friends of Christian Surfers Canada,

I have decided to take a step in faith and listen to the stirrings in my heart and ask you to help me attend the Christian Surfers International Conference in Hawaii Nov 4-9 this year.

This conference will be the gathering of Christian Surfers from all over the world, challenging us to carry our love Christ to our local breaks. It will equip us with a global vision of how surfing for Jesus can change the world! A great opportunity for Christian Surfers Canada to be introduced as we become an official chapter!

It is also a great time to fellowship with surfers who are serving the Lord with their love for surfing and be encouraged by one another.

CS has organized accommodations on a local camp ground so prices will be kept at a low cost as well as food while at the conference.

Cost for the conference including airfare, food and accommodations is approx. $1550

Copy and Paste the link below to your url and thanks!


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Stormy Skies

I heard some seagulls fighting over something outside my window while I was working in the studio this morning.

I looked out and saw this! So dark and stormy but literally 2 mins. later its bright and sunny again at the beach!

I’m working on some trophies with a friend for the Quiksilver Longboarding Competition that’s coming up this Labour Day weekend.

Check it out! This fall is lookin exciting for contest and waves:


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